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Post  Guest on Mon May 11, 2009 9:37 pm

Chaos Legions are recruiting all levels.
We have about 40 spaces free, these will go quickly so its first come first in basis. 😉
Information about the guild:
Run by Gothmog and Master of Light the guild is made up from three different guilds that have merged to create one super guild. We have the most members in the server and from this have :
1. A up-to-date Database. 2. A large jumpgate network. 3. Plenty of members to help you learn and grow. 4. If your attacked someone can help you.
What will be required/expected of you:
In order for the guild to grow and flourish we take on new recruits for a few months and then close the recruitment to allow the new recruits to grow, when they get to about level 20 we re-open the recruitment to repeat. By doing this we maintain a good level of numbers as well as helping and teaching new AE players.

1. Have fun and have a laugh on the guild boards. 2. Take part in activities- nothing to big while your young and growing. 3. Listen to our advice and take advantage of our combined knowledge and experience. 4. Grow so that we can take in the next batch of new recruits- Maybe you will help teach them???
If this sounds like the guild for you please click http://alpha.astroempires.com/guild.aspx?guild=4807&action=request_join To message me ingame for more information please click http://alpha.astroempires.com/messages.aspx?msg=38894
Our training guild for those that lack Prings


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